development process

Company History


Weidong salt cooperative was formally established.
The entrepreneurial journey begins here.

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Weidong Bromine Factory Started Construction.
"Bromine salt co-production" carries a new mission.

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the end of the twentieth century

Strategic planning
The horn was sounded to march into the flame retardant field.

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To become a national demonstration base for the comprehensive utilization of brine resources,
The first batch of national "green mine" enterprises.

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sixties and seventies

In the sixties and seventies of the last century,
Follow the national salt industry development policy.
painstaking pioneering work, steady growth,
The career got off to a good start.

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eighties and nineties

The development of the salt industry ushered in a long-lost spring.

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twenty-first century

reform of state-owned system
Weidong Salt Farm Renamed as Weidong Chemical
A new journey has officially begun.

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has grown into an important domestic
Flame retardant development and production base
China Marine Chemical Industry Base.